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  • Common lightning arrester classification.

    There are many types of lightning arresters, including metal oxide arresters, line metal oxide arresters, gapless line metal oxide arresters, fully insulated composite jacket metal oxide arresters, and removable arresters. The main types of arresters are tubular arresters, valve arresters and zin...
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  • Features Of Conventional Arresters

    1. The current capacity of the zinc oxide arrester is large This is mainly reflected in the ability of lightning arresters to absorb various lightning overvoltages, power frequency transient overvoltages, and operating overvoltages. The current flow capacity of the zinc oxide arrester produced by...
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  • A new type of lightning arrester is applied in qinghai power grid line in high altitude area

    On April 7, qinghai electric power maintenance company completed the 330 – kilovolt li ning Ⅰ, new Ⅱ line lightning arrester installation work, before the thunderstorm season, with the use of new technologies for controlling the transmission line lightning protection, to promote the safe an...
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